Captain Simon LeToes

Avast ye bilge rats! Captain LeToes I be. The sourge of the Seven Seas. There be nothing so vile, so loathesome I wouldn't sink to when I be on my quest for riches.

Now as it came about, me and me monkey mate, Leonardo, got our paws on the true map of the second most famous pirate on the seas, Captain Jean Lafitte. 'Tis said his treasure be sunk in the waters on the northern coast of the Gulf Of Mexico in the Bay of Barataria, Louisiana near a foul marsh called Swamp Land. Swamp Land be uninhabited save some lowly varmints and critters who slither the muck and climb the trees.

Not only does I have a map, I've a plan to get it all for meself. And Leonardo and I will share that with you in this little ditty we put together on those long and lonely nights on the seas.