Petey O. Possum

Hi. My name is Petey Possum. I live with lots of friends in Swamp Land, Louisiana. It's a really lush marshland down by the Gulf, with lots of mossy cypress trees and palmettos and ferns. It's so beautiful, none of us ever want to leave.

Uh, if I look like a possum-in-headlights in this photo, it's because of Pattie. She's my true love, but I don't have the nerve to tell her how I feel. Every time I get close to her and make eye contact, I pass out. I think that's what they call "playing possum."

Anyway, I tried to put how I feel into words and wrote this love song about how one look from her just knocks me out - literally. I hope I get to sing it to her one day and actually get all the way through it without... you know.

But here it is and you can listen. Just don't make eye contact with me.