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the banana plant gulfalive                                  Sid Berger Gwynn Torres       
               grammymedal                               Nominated for a 2012 Grammy!
                                                                     Best Children's Album, GulfAlive
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kids music album bp oil spill cleanup GulfAlive from The Banana Plant


The Banana Plant is a family entertainment company dedicated to
inspiring kids to love music as much as we do. We grow all kinds of music. Music that makes you sing along. Music that makes you want to move. Music that takes you places. Music that makes you think. Music that makes you hug your best friend. Music that parents love, too!
You can call it educational, but it’s hard to believe learning can be this
much fun. We much prefer to call it enlightening… sort of like taking a
vacation to somewhere you’ve never been before.
The Banana Plant creative team consists of Gwynn Torres and Sid Berger, both New Orleans-born-and-bred songwriters who spent years in the creative heart of the advertising industry. Having raised creative children themselves, they have a never-ending passion for lighting the spark of creativity in kids of all ages.

Check out our latest kids' music album - Treasure Swamp - A Pop Opera

And our Grammy-Nominated first album - GulfAlive

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